Highway Information and Campus Perimeter Signage

Highway information signs, including directional signs, will be added at strategic points around the City of Regina, such as Victoria Avenue, Ring Road, Wascana Parkway and Highway #1. Signs will also be installed to help identify and reinforce the perimeter of the campus as viewed from Wascana Parkway and Ring Road. Both types of signage will present a clear and consistent path to motorists, provide cues to exits leading to the U of R, and notify motorists they are entering the campus perimeter or district. The signs will be visible within the surrounding landscape and at highway speeds.

Permeter sign
Existing perimeter sign viewed from Ring Road.


This is one of 6 projects costing a combined total of $935,000:

  • Traffic Sign Replacement

  • Highway Information Signage and Campus Perimeter

  • Building Addresses and Street Names

  • Renumbering Parking Lots

  • Directional Signage

  • Internal Wayfinding

Status (as of January 26, 2017)

  • Underway