Citation Appeals

NOTE: We are in the process of changing the naming convention for "infractions", "violations" and "tickets" to the term of "Citations".

Paying a Citation

Log into your University of Regina parking account and follow the links. Manage your Account


Appealing a Citation

You have the right to appeal your University of Regina citation if you feel you were not in breach of the bylaw indicated on your citation.  Your appeal must be received within 7 calendar days of the citation issue.  Log into your parking account and follow the links. Manage your Account

Do not pay your citation until you receive a response on your appeal from Parking Services.  Your early payment period will begin once your appeal outcome has been determined.  If you have not heard within 10 workings day, please contact our office at 306-585-5555.


Bylaw Court

You also have the right to refuse to pay your citation and appear in court once you have received a summons. At this venue, you will have the opportunity to present your case appealing your parking citation before the court and in the presence of the University of Regina Prosecutor and the issuing officer.