Parking at the University of Regina is governed by The University of Regina Parking Bylaws (Section 90.2 The University of Regina Act) as approved by the Board of Directors along with The Motor Carrier Act (Saskatchewan), The Vehicle Administration Act (Saskatchewan), The Highway Traffic Act (Saskatchewan) and The Wascana Centre Authority Act (Saskatchewan). As well as the rules and regulations provided by Parking and Transportation Services.

These bylaws were developed for many reasons including your safety, eg. to ensure fire lanes are clear and to ensure there will be parking available for those who have purchased permits.

Failure to comply with these bylaws can result in:

  • Parking Tickets
    If you receive a parking ticket, you can pay your parking ticket online, at City Hall or use the drop-off box at the P&TS offices (CW108). Make your cheque payable to the City of Regina, who is the University's agent to collect and process parking tickets.
  • Removal and Impoundment
    If your motor vehicle is identified as having outstanding violations or you are a persistent violator, your vehicle may be impounded if it is parked anywhere on campus. You will be required to pay for the cost of removal and storage and not be allowed to park on campus until you've paid your fines or have made arrangements with the City of Regina Legal Department to pay your fines.

Note: Any vehicles illegally parked on campus may be removed and impounded.

Parking Violation (Ticket) Processing

The University of Regina has entered into an agreement with the City of Regina to have the City handle our parking violation processing.

If you are on University property and receive a ticket, you will receive a University of Regina - Notice of Violation. You then have the option to appeal the violation (ticket) to the University of Regina (Parking and Transportation Services) but you pay your ticket to the City of Regina.  If you choose to appear in court to defend yourself, you will appear at the City of Regina Bylaw Court.