Parking Maps

 As part of the Campus Wayfinding Project there will be new lot numbers assigned to each of the Main Campus parking lots starting May 1, 2016. 

  • View and download the current Main Campus map.  This map includes information about accessible, visitor, bike, motorcycle, hotel and residence parking.
  • View and download the College Avenue Campus Map (130 KB) PDF icon.
  • Directions to get to either University of Regina campus can be found under Contact the U of R

Special Event Parking Maps

Often parking is arranged for special events and activities held at the University.  A listing of these events, and any parking that has been arranged for them, can be found under Event Parking.

Permit Maps

Most students, faculty and staff will have either an M permit or an Z permit.  M permits (non-plugin) are search permits meaning you can park at any M designated location. Your M permit is NOT specific to a specific parking lot.  Z permits (plug-in) are scramble permits meaning you ARE assigned to a specific lot but not a specific stall within that lot.  If there is no parking left in your assigned Z lot, park in the nearest available Z area and call Parking and Transportation Services at 306-585-4412 or 306-585-5555 with your license number immediately,

Below are maps indicating where you can park with your permit. 

The M area as of Sept 1, 2016 may have changes due to construction schedules.