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M Permits/Privileges

An M permit/privilege is the least expensive option available to students, faculty and staff who either drive a vehicle or motorcycle or other kinds of motorized vehicles to University.

M permits/privileges allow you to park in areas without electrical plug-ins at the University of Regina Main Campus and the First Nations University of Canada (168 KB) PDF icon as well as College Avenue Campus (130 KB) PDF icon.

 This permit/privilege allows you to park any time Monday to Friday during one of the following:
- fall semester (September - December)
- winter semester (January - April)
- spring/summer semesters
- academic year (September - April)
- calendar year (available to faculty and staff only)


Parking Rates

The cost of M permits/privileges is listed  under Parking Rates. Parking permits/privileges are pro-rated according to the issue date of your parking privileges.

Displaying Your M Parking Permit

Hang tags are NO LONGER ISSUED for M parking.  You can Manage your Account with your license plate information and keep it up to date at any time .  You may add up to three vehicle license plates to your M area as long as only one vehicle is parked on the campus at a time.

M Waitlists

Due to the popularity of M permits/privileges during the Fall and Winter semesters, there is usually a list of people waiting to purchase one. To learn more about waitlists and how they work, go to the waitlist page.