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Z Permits/Privileges

A Z permit/privilege allows you to park your vehicle in parking lots with electrical plug-ins at the University of Regina Main Campus or College Avenue Campus. It's a great way to ensure your vehicle starts during cold winter days.  

Parking Rates

The cost of Z permits/privileges is listed under Parking Rates.


Displaying Your Z Parking Permit/Privilege

Hang tags are NO LONGER ISSUED for Z parking.  You can Manage your Account with your license plate information and keep it up to date at any time .  You may add up to three vehicle license plates to your Z area as long as only one vehicle is parked on the campus at a time.


Z Waitlists

Due to the popularity of Z permits/privileges, there is usually a list of people waiting to purchase one. To learn more about waitlists and how they work, go to the waitlist page.