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CGS Masters (CIHR or NSERC or SSHRC) - Tri Council

The objective of the Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master’s (CGS M) program is to help develop research skills and assist in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies. 

Student Status
Scholarship Value
$17,500, PLUS a bonus of a one time, lump sum payment from FGSR valued at $5,000
Application Type
Areas of Study
Scholarship Type
National Scholarships
December 1


To be eligible for this award you must: Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.


 Indigenous Scholars Awards and Supplements Initiative – Offered by NSERC and SSHRC, the pilot initiative will provide, to the limit of available funding, a $5,000 supplement to qualifying Indigenous Canada Graduate Scholarships—Master’s program (CGS M) award holders, and provide a $17,500 award and a $5,000 supplement to qualifying Indigenous candidates who are on the waitlist for the CGS M program. Applicants will use the same application form and follow the same application process as for the CGS M. 

Please see the link below for full information on this supplement and instructions on how to apply for this Initiative, if fully eligible:

**NEW** Black Student Funding:

CGS M applicants who self-identify as Black and provide consent in their application to be considered for funds designated for specific groups may be eligible to receive this funding through a scholarship as part of the this initiative.  Each agency has a limited number of additional CGS M awards reserved.  For more information consult the Frequently asked questions about the new Black scholars:

Important Dates & Deadlines:

  • How to Apply: Thursday, October 5 from 10:30-11:30 am, via Zoom, to register:


  • How to write your application session: Tuesday, October 17 from 2:00-3:00 pm, location TBD
  • Deadline: Friday, December 1 for students to submit their applications online via the Research Portal.

    Late applications cannot be accepted, as the portal will lock down.


Application Information

You must submit your application on the Research Portal:

Application instructions are available on the CGS Masters website:


Students are required to upload ALL OFFICIAL and UP TO DATE undergraduate and graduate transcripts, including transcripts from institutions where you may have received ANY transfer credits from. Up-to-date transcripts are defined as transcripts dated or issued in the FALL session of THIS year of application (if currently registered), or after the last term completed (if not currently registered).  If this is your first semester at the University of Regina, you must include transcripts from the University of Regina also to show your registration for this fall.  Please know web transcripts or copies from your student account are not eligible.  It is also important to include one copy of the legend from each transcript.  Failure to do this will render an application ineligible in the competition. Students can apply for awards at up to three universities.  The awards are not portable between institutions.  This means students must hold the scholarship at the awarding university.  Students can only apply to one Tri-Council agency.  Students MUST apply for admission to their chosen program by the program deadline, in order to be considered.

Creating a CCV:  Students are required to complete a Common CV (CCV) which they will be required to attach to their application.  Please find CGS M instructions for creating a CCV here:


CCV help:  613-995-4273 or email:

Please contact me at and I can send you my CCV How To Cheat Sheet which will guide you step by step.

*Please use as the email address for all correspondence. Please be clear in subject line and include your name and ID.*

STUDENTS:  Please ensure you have your Supervisor, Department Head, Associate Dean and other academic mentors proof read your application well ahead of the deadline.  Each of them can provide you with feedback to help make your application the best it can be.   Also, please know that on the deadline day, the online application portal is VERY busy and can students can get booted off the portal.  So, to avoid not being able to submit in time, please submit WELL AHEAD of the deadline, as life happens.  Please know late applications cannot be accepted under any circumstances as the portal locks down.

Tri Agency Contact Information:

CIHR CGS Master’s email:

NSERC CGS Masters email:

SSHRC CGS Masters email:

Please see the Memorandum for full details on this competition.

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