Film and Photo Shoots

Photo Shoots


In order to book a photo shoot on campus, please follow the steps below:

  1. Submit an Event Organizer Booking Form.
  2. Hospitality Services and University Advancement and Communications will review your submission and ensure all relevant information has been submitted.
  3. Hospitality Services will create a contract for filming on campus.
  4. Once the contract has been finalized, you will be billed a non-refundable $50 site photography license fee. Room rental fees may apply depending on the space being used. 


 Student Film Shoots


With regard to student film shoots, The University of Regina campus film policy states the following:

“Students registered at the University of Regina are permitted to film on campus pursuant to the following guidelines:

  • projects must be bona fide student productions approved by an assigned instructor;
  • access to University space must be booked through Conference Services;
  • the application fee is waived for student productions;
  • students will be billed for any costs incurred by the University;
  • students must carry student identification with them at all times while filming.”

The full policy can be found here:

Submitting a Student Film Shoot Request

Requests should be submitted no less than one week in advance of the shoot date.

To submit a request, you must e-mail Hospitality Services the following:

  1. Date, time and exact location(s) of the film shoot
  2. A letter (e-mail or PDF) from the professor stating the class name, the class assignment and that the request is legitimate.

Student film shoots cannot disrupt traffic flow in the hallways or any public area of the University.  Also, no faculty, staff, or student may be filmed without prior consent.  There are locations that can be refused for filming.  Situations that can be construed as disruptive or violent will not be tolerated. 


External Film Shoots


Filming Policy

The University of Regina has a campus-wide filming policy.  The full policy can be found here:


Typically, 14 days notice is required to secure and coordinate location approvals.  All requests to shoot on campus must first be approved by University Advancemente and Communications. 

  1. Use the University Advancement and Communications Contact Us Form to apply. They may ask you for a synopsis or script elements as part of the process.
  2. If you are approved, then your request is forwarded to Hospitality Services.
  3. We will contact you to discuss your requirements and spaces.

Hospitality Services will be your liaison for all location and facilities coordination.

Liability Insurance

Evidence must be provided of liability insurance coverage in the amount of at least $5 million showing the University of Regina as an additional Named Insured.


All film shoots will be charged a $50 non-refundable film application fee.  Room rental fees may apply dependant upon the space being used.