Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I apply for Housing?

Each year the application for the following academic year opens in October. The earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get your top room preference.

How are rooms assigned?

Students that have applied for on-campus housing by January 31, 2024, will be eligible to participate in Choose Your Room in February. More information on Choose Your Room can be found here. If you do not participate in Choose Your Room, Housing staff will assign you a room in July, based on the room preferences that you provided on your application.

Can I choose my own roommate(s)?

Yes! If you do not have people in mind that you wish to live with, we'll find you a room with some great roommates. If you wish to live with specific people, you can complete roommate requests as part of your housing application. You can also log in to the Housing Portal at any time to update your requests. Please note: co-ed requests are by managerial approval only and must be emailed to

Can I request a private room? 

Yes! We offer private accommodations as part of our regular room choices. These include private dorms with private washrooms, private dorms with shared-washrooms (sharing the washroom with one other person only) and studio apartments.

Which food service providers will be offering dining plans in fall?

University of Regina Foodservices and Luther College Cafeteria will be offering dining plans this fall. A current list of University of Regina Foodservices options can be found here. Luther College Cafeteria will be providing resident dining plans

Can I bring my car? What do I need to know about Resident parking?

Yes, you can bring your car. Housing Services reserves two parking lots for our residents: lot 13 and 1. You can purchase your parking permit and learn more here.

When will I find out my room number and meet my roommates?

You will receive your room-type offer by mid July (or following your application if you apply later), but you won't be provided your actual room number or get to meet your roommates until move-in day.