Living-Learning Communities

What is a Living-Learning Community?


A Living-Learning Community is smaller community of students within the bigger, on-campus, Housing community.  Each has it’s own special location and students apply to these communities to live and learn with other students who have similar interests, values or academic programs.  Joining one of these communities is a great way to meet like-minded friends, work together and get connected to extra supports and activities!

How to Apply for an LLC:    

The application for Living-Learning Communities is a part of the Housing application. When you apply for on-campus housing, you can apply for an LLC at the same time! Simply select "yes" on the Living-Learning Communities page in the application and choose your options. Please note that there is a charge of $50/term to participate in each LLC. However, LLC members get greate deals on events and programming all year long!

Please visit the LLC page to learn more about these exciting communities!

 Note: Please ensure that you are eligible to apply for the community you are interested in. Some are reserved for first-year students in specific academic programs.