ESL Students

Welcome to Housing Services!  Living on campus is an excellent choice for ESL students!

To complete a Housing application you need:

Your University of Regina Student ID Number.

A credit card to pay the $450 room booking confirmation fee.

$50 is a non-refundable application fee, $400 is held as a security deposit.

The $400 security desposit will be returned at the completion of the Housing Contract or prior to the respective term cancellation date. Exceptions may be granted based on management approval.

A valid email address - Housing Services will send you a Housing password and important information.

Note: If you do not have a UofR student ID number, please contact our ESL Department for assistance.


  1. Navigate to the Housing Portal
  2. Choose room preferences.  
  3. Submit your application.

Why Choose On-Campus Housing?

  •  You will make lots of new friends
  • You live near other ESL students
  • You can walk to class in 2 minutes
  • You can purchase a convenient dining plan
  • You will have more opportunities to speak and learn English
  • We host special activities and events just for you!

 Need Help?  Please contact