Dining Plans

Interested in a Dining Plan/Meal Plan?

All residents are welcome to check out our meal plan options! Since residents in dorm-style rooms (dorms and shared dorms) do not have access to a kitchen, occupants are required to purchase a meal plan.* 

*Residents in dorm-style rooms without a meal plan will be asked to change rooms types. 

Luther Cafeteria is our main meal plan provider. For more information on meal plans and to purchase a meal plan, visit the link here.  

Check out the meal plan options available to you:

  1. Full Tax-Free Meal Plan (19 meals per week)
  2. Regular Tax-Free Meal Plan (14 meals per week)
  3. Light Tax-Free Meal plan (10 meals per week)
  4. Declining Balance Meal Card*  

*As per your contract, residents in dorm style accommodations must purchase a meal plan with a minimum balance of $1,500.   

More information about meal Plans: 

  • After payment students are issued a meal card. A meal card must be presented at every meal. 
  • Meal plans must be paid in full before they can be collected. 
  • Meal plans expire at the end of every term.
  • There is no reimbursement for missed meals.
  • Dietary restrictions are accommodated, when possible, but not guaranteed.
  • Meals are dine in or take out.