Online Room Selection: First Year Residents

Are You Ready To Choose Your Room?

Every year, U of R students that apply for on-campus Housing early, are rewarded with a chance to participate in Choose Your Room! If you are wondering how this all works, please check out the details and timeline below. For our FAQs and more specific information, please see our process pages and FAQs in the left menu.

On June 9th 2022, Housing Services will email all eligible participants details on their specific Choose Your Room time-ticket. A time-ticket includes information on the exact day and time you will be able to log in to the Housing Portal and select your room from a list of available spaces.

  • Your time-ticket will be scheduled during the week of June 13th. You won’t be able to log in and access the Choose Your Room feature until this time. If you are unable to log in during your timeslot, the Choose Your Room feature will remain open until midnight on June 23rd
  • If you participate in Choose Your Room, you will receive a letter of offer and will be asked to confirm you room selection by June 28, 2022.
  • Anyone who does not participate in room self-selection, will be assigned a room and receive a room offer during the first two weeks of July.