College West

College West showcases some of the most modern student accommodations in the country. Intentionally designed with student life and student health in mind, this building offers beautiful common areas filled with natural light, interactive spaces to study and connect, and even a theatre for those much needed study breaks!

Choose from a variety of apartment styles; from cozy 2-bedroom apartments, to two-storey 7-bedroom apartments. If location is everything, then we should also mention College West has a great location; a quick walk to the Riddell Centre and all of the on-campus action.

Room Type & Location Fee/Term Payable in 4 Equal Instalments
College West
6-Bedroom Apartment $3,202.00 $800.50
7-Bedroom Apartment $3,202.00 $800.50
5-Bedroom Apartment $3,482.00 $870.50
3-Bedroom Apartment $3,545.00 $886.25
2-Bedroom Apartment $3,884.00 $971.00


Click the images below to see a examples of available spaces.