Paskwāw and Wakpá Towers

These modern towers are located conveniently between the Education building and the Dr. Archer Library. Residents can choose from a variety of apartment styles that include a shared kitchen, common living space and washrooms. Both towers also offer dorm-style rooms with either private washrooms or shared washrooms, for students seeking our most economical rate! Residents of Paskwaw/Wakpa love being connected to the main campus buildings because there’s no need to even step outside to get to class during winter!

Rates are effective Fall 2019 - Winter 2020 semesters. Some room types require the purchase of a dining plan; dining plan rates are subject to change for Fall 2019.

For Spring & Summer 2019 (May to August) Rates, please see our Spring/Summer 2019 Rates Page.

Paskwāw and Wakpá Towers Rates
Room Type Fee/Semester Dining Plan (* Min Buy-in amount/ Semester) Total Fees/Semester
4-Bedroom Apartment $3,202 optional $3,202
3-Bedroom Apartment $3,545 optional $3,545
2-Bedroom Apartment - Small $3,629 optional $3,629
Dorm - Shared Washroom $2,395 *$1,328.50 $3,723.50
Executive Dorm (grad/mature only) $3,669 *$443 (partial) $4,112
2-Bedroom Apartment $3,884 optional $3,884
Studio (w/kitchenette) $4,062 *$886 $4,948
Dorm - Private Washroom $3,276 *$1,328.50 $4,604.50
1-Bedroom Apartment $5,034 optional $5,034