Paskwaw Tower

Paskwaw Tower is a 12 storey building that has 326 beds and breathtaking views of the University of Regina Campus and the city of Regina which can be enjoyed by any resident from the 12th floor student lounge. Room types include spacious two, three, and four bedroom apartments as well as single dorms with private washrooms. There is a student game room available on the second floor and a music room with a piano.

Room Type & Location Fee/Term Payable in 4 Equal Instalments
Paskwaw Tower
Dorm Shared Washroom* $2,395.00 $598.75
4-Bedroom Apartment $3,482.00 $870.50
3-Bedroom Apartment $3,545.00 $886.25
2-Bedroom Apartment (Small) $3,629.00 $907.25
2-Bedroom Apartment $3,884.00 $971.00
Studio w/Kitchenette $4,062.00 $1,015.50
Deluxe Studio $4,580.00 $1,145.00

*This room type requires the purchase of a Dining Plan. Please see for details.