Spring & Summer 2023 Rates


Did you know, The University of Regina offers accommodations for students during the Spring/Summer months (May-August) at a discounted rate?

College West (2, 3, 5, 6 and 7 bedroom apartments) and La Residence (private dorms) are the housing location available for Spring/Summer 2023.

Dining plans are NOT mandatory in the Spring/Summer months, however commuter declining balance cards are still available for all residents. Learn more here: http://www.dineoncampus.ca/uofregina/

In preparation for the 2023-2024 school year, residents who stay during the Spring/Summer, who do not have a room booking for the Fall/Winter 2023-24, must move out of student housing by no later than noon August 21, 2023.
Those who will continue to live on campus for the Fall/Winter 2023-24 may be required to room change beginning August 1.

Spring/Summer Room Types & Rates

Effective May to August 2023 - rates are per student for the Spring & Summer terms (4 months)

Room Type & Location                                                   Fee/Term payable in 4 equal instalments
College West
2 Bedroom Apartment $3,496 $874.00
3 Bedroom Apartment $3,190 $797.50
5 Bedroom Apartment $3,134 $783.50
6 Bedroom Apartment $2,882 $720.50
7 Bedroom Apartment $2,882 $720.50
La Residence
Private Dorm $2,948 $737.00