Housing Awards

Fall 2019 Awards

Are you interested in living on campus this coming year?  You might be eligible for one of these exciting Housing Awards!

New Student Housing  Award:  6-bed Apartment

  • $1200 off modern, furnished apartments
  • Located in the newly rennovated College West location
  • New UofR students are eligible

New Student Housing Award: Private Dorm

  • $1000 off private dorms
  • Located in Kisik, Paskwa, and Wakpa Towers.
  • New UofR students eligible

Indegenous Student Housing Award

  • Up to $1500 off housing options
  • Apply through Student Awards and Financial Aid - Click Here to Apply
  • Open to students self-declared as Canadian, Indegenous, Aboriginal Peoples

Colourful Campus Housing Award

  • A voluntary housing option for 2LGBTQ+ students
  • $1000 off 6 bed apartments
  • Apply through UR Pride

 *Award applicants must meet all eligibility criteria at the time of application.  Please see individual award pages for detailed eligibility criteria.  Awards may not be combined.