International Student Award

Award value: $500

This is a one-time only award that will be offered to newly admitted international students in their first undergraduate semester who meet the all of following criteria:

  • First time international admission to an undergraduate program 
  • Entering a Housing Contract for the first time at the University of Regina
  • Completes a minimum of a 4-month housing contract
  • Available for all room types with the exception of double-dorms.  Please note that room type availability is limited during the spring/summer months.
  • Cannot be combined with other UofR Housing Awards.

How to apply:

Awards will be automatically applied for eligible recipients. Housing Services will provide a list of eligible recipients to Student Awards and Financial Aid (SAFA) following the 100% refund deadline. SAFA will verify academic eligibility and release the award funds to the successful recipient’s University of Regina student account.