Party Pass Registration

Booking a Party Pass

What is a Party?

Housing Services defines a ‘party’ as a social gathering of 8 or more people with alcohol being present. Even if your social gathering does not meet the above criteria, it may still be considered a party at the discretion of Housing staff. Before having a party, please visit the Housing Kiosk and speak with an RA before 9:00 PM to register your party. Please note that, at their discretion, RAs reserve the right to shut down parties and ask guests to leave. We want you to have fun responsibly and ensure all residents are safe.

Plan Your Gathering

  • Be of legal age! If you are hosting a party, you must be at least 19 years old.
  • Discuss your plans with all of your roommates beforehand; give them a heads up, and make sure that all occupants of your suite are in agreement with your plans.
  • Be aware of our alcohol policy.

Request a Party Pass

  • Stop by a Housing Kiosk prior to 9:00 pm to complete a Party Form.
  • Have all roommates sign, indicating their approval of having a party hosted.

Get a Party Pass and Guest List

  • The RA will go over the responsibilities and expectations with you.
  • If the RA deems that you are responsible and ready to host a party, they will provide you with a valid Party Pass and you will complete a guest list.

Hosting the Party

When signing out a party pass, one resident will be required to act as the party “Host”. The Host is responsible for the following:

  • To ensure that all party guests remain respectful at all times, and that everyone present is aware of, and abiding by, all Housing policies.
  • To be respectful of the RAs, who may stop by the party occasionally to assess how the gathering is going. If an RA deems the noise level excessive, or notices any other issue, they can shut down the party at their discretion.
  • To ensure that all guests are signed-in, and to keep the guest list updated
  • To remain present for the duration of the party, and take responsibility for the party at all times
  • To avoid excessively loud noise (EX: No amps and/or sub-woofers/ shouting etc.)
  • To ensure that no students under the legal drinking age are consuming alcohol
  • To prohibit games that encourage binge drinking from being played at the party
  • To keep the party contained to the suite/unit with the valid pass
  • To shut down the party before quiet hours
  • To contact the RA on-call for help if the party is getting out of hand!

After the Party

  • Return the Party Pass and guest sign-in sheet to your building’s Housing kiosk within 24 hours.
  • 48 hours after your party, a cleaning inspection may be conducted. Failure to pass the cleaning inspection may result in revocation of your party pass privileges, and any cleaning fees will be applied to the host’s Housing account.

Keep in Mind

  • Sexual consent can not be given if a person is incapacitated by alcohol or drugs.
  • Failure to abide by Housing policies as outlined in this Handbook will result in Party Pass privileges being revoked and/or additional disciplinary action.
  • Providing you and your guests remain respectful, kind and safe, there should be no concerns with hosting a social gathering responsibly.

Click here to download a PDF of the Party Pass Registration Document.