Living-Learning Communities - Frequently Asked Questions

1What is an LLC and how is it different from a regular Housing floor?

A Living-Learning Community (LLC) is a floor, or cluster of rooms, where students with a common faculty or shared interest live and learn together. In addition to programming offered to all U of R residents, themed programming and additional support and activities are made available to LLC students to enhance their university experience.

2. Is there a waiting list?

There are approximately 30 spaces available in each LLC. If necessary, we will keep a waiting list. If a spot becomes available during the summer months the Housing Office will contact eligible students on the waiting list to offer them a spot in the LLC.

3. What is the time commitment for belonging to an LLC?

We strongly encourage all LLC members to participate in LLC and Residence Life events and activities, as their academic schedule permits. Time commitment can vary, but expect a minimum commitment of 1-2 hours for a regular week. The more involved you are, the more you will get out of the experience!  

4. Can I request my roommates if placed in an LLC?

In order for roommate requests to be considered, both applicants must apply for, and be accepted into the same Living-Learning Community.

5. Do I need to have a certain academic major to join an LLC?

The Hill Business, Science, Education, Arts, MAP (Media, Art, and Performance), and Engineering LLCs are academic based. To be eligible for membership in these communities, participants must be registered in the appropriate faculty.

Interest based LLCs are open to all degree programs. These include: Global Citizen, Neekaneewak, Health and Wellness and Le Quartier francophone. 

6. What is the room change process for residents living in an LLC?

The room change process for residents in a LLC is the same as the process for all residents. 

7. I am not part of an LLC, but can I still attend their events/programs?

Throughout the semester, Housing offers additional social and academic programming for its LLC students. Generally, this additional programming is based on the specific theme of their communities and is only open to LLC participants. In some cases, these additional programs may be opened up to non-LLC residents if there are available spaces.

8. Who do I contact for more information about the LLCs?

For more information about LLCs, please contact the Residence Life Assistant Manager:

Chijoke Jiji: 306-585-5450 or