Neekaneewak LLC

The Neekaneewak community supports holistic student development.  Through a partnership with the Aboriginal Student Centre, this LLC will offer both daytime and evening programming including: academic support, mentorship, cultural events and leadership development opportunities.  Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students will benefit from the knowledge and wisdom gained from both traditional and emerging ways of knowing.

Quick Facts:

Location: College West

Room Types:  5-Bedroom Apartments

Food Options: Shared kitchen or meal plan options

Programming Fee: $100 (includes fall and winter semesters)

Open to:  All Students

What benefits you can look forward to?

    • Belonging to a supportive community
    • Access to academic workshops and tutoring
    • Support from Elders, successful alumni, peers and community partners
    • A variety of cultural events and activities
    • Access to the beautiful 14th floor student lounge
    •  (can be used for smudges and other ceremonies and events)
    • Social events and activities
What our programming strives to support:
    • Academic success
    • A healthy mind, body and spirit
    • A strong sense of community
    • Leadership development
    • A greater understanding and appreciation of Indigenous
    • perspectives and traditions