Education LLC

The Faculty of Education has an excellent reputation for developing capable and innovative leaders in education. In partnership with the Faculty of Education, the Education Living-Learning Community (LLC) provides a variety of additional hands-on learning experiences designed to support you as you explore your future academic options and career directions. Connecting with peers and faculty throughout the school year, this LLC aims to supplement your coursework and support a balanced and enjoyable first year on-campus!

Quick Facts:

Location: Kīšik & Paskwāw Towers

Room Types: Dorms, 2,3, & 4 Bedroom Apartments

Food Options: Shared kitchen or Meal Plan options

Programming Fee: $100 (includes Fall and Winter terms)

Open to: First-Year Education students

What benefits can you look forward to?

  • Developing great friendships
  • Regular study sessions with peers who share your classes and availability
  • Opportunities to learn and network through volunteer and service projects
  • A variety of fun events and activities to balance your university experience
  • Opportunities to connect with your professors and have great contacts
  • Hands-on learning experience and a great support system
  • A better overall university experience!

What our programming strives to support:

  • Academic excellence
  • A strong sense of community
  • Experiential Learning
  • Career-related experiences
  • Opportunities to engage in educational pursuits