Hill Business LLC

Don’t just study business, excel! Live and learn with other business students in a community that offers programming and activities designed to support you. Students in this LLC will take Business 100 together. Attending the same class with your friends and peers makes it convenient to work on homework together, study for tests, and tackle those group projects. Don’t worry; it’s not all business here. We guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun too!

Quick Facts:

Location: Kīšik & Paskwāw Towers

Room Types: Dorms, 2,3 & 4 bedroom apartments

Food Options: Shared kitchen or Meal Plan options

Programming Fee: $100 (includes Fall and Winter terms)

Open to: First-year Business students

What benefits can you look forward to?

  • Developing lifelong friendships
  • Regular LLC programming tailored to your needs
  • Study sessions with peers who share your classes and availability
  • Social events and healthy activities to celebrate your accomplishments
  • Opportunities to get to know your professors and our staff
  • A better overall university experience!

What our programming strives to support:

  • Academic excellence
  • Career-related skills and experiences
  • A balance of academics, social activities, healthy activities, and community involvement
  • Leadership development