Pre-Professional LLC

The Pre-Professional Living-Learning Community (LLC) is designed to support students who intend to pursue professional programs. This LLC boasts excellent admittance statistics to competitive, professional programs. Pre-Professional students can live in an intentionally designed community, take required classes together, and explore potential career directions! If you want a competitive advantage and enrich your University experience, apply for this LLC!  

To enroll in the corresponding courses please contact Luther College in addition to completing this application.

Quick Facts:

Location: Kisik Towers, Paskwaw Towers & the Student Village at Luther College

Room Types: Dorm, 2,3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments

Food Options: Shared kitchen (4 Bedroom apartments only) or Meal Plan options

(*please note: if you are accepted to the Pre-Professional LLC at the Student Village at Luther College, you may be placed on a co-ed floor)

Programming Fee: $100 (includes both Fall and Winter semesters)

Open to: First-Year Students

What benefits can you look forward to?

  • Developing lifelong friendships
  • Regular LLC programming tailored to your needs
  • Study sessions with peers who share your classes and availability
  • Social events and healthy activities to celebrate your accomplishments
  • Opportunities to connect with your professors and campus staff
  • A better overall university experience!

What our programming strives to support:

  • Academic excellence
  • Career-related skills and experiences
  • Leadership development
  • A balance of the following: academics, social activities, healthy activities, and community involvement