Representative Workforce

The University of Regina is committed to creating a culture that celebrates the strengths of diversity.  This commitment ensures the University of Regina celebrates and honors a diverse workplace and creates a positive and supportive environment for all faculty, staff and students.

As the strategic plan cascades from its overarching themes to objectives, specific statements that pledge the University to create and sustain diversity and inclusive goals are as follows:

A1 - Promote and reward the pursuit of excellence in teaching, research, and public service. Make the University widely known for excellence in all its activities. (We will focus on the recruitment and retention of excellent faculty, staff and administrators. We will seek to make the University an employer of choice.)

B1 - Build long-term relationships with First Nations and Métis communities.

B6 - Continue to build a friendly, diverse, safe, and welcoming campus that respects work-life balance and pays particular attention to the marginalized, the vulnerable, people with disabilities, and the disadvantaged.

B6.1 Take measurable steps to build a campus environment that is friendly, that celebrates diversity, and that embodies tolerance and respect.

Advancing equity and diversity at the University of Regina ensures that our workplace is fully representative of the community we serve.

In addition, the University of Regina is accountable to the provincial and federal governments.  The University reports annually to the provincial government under the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.