Representative Workforce Survey

 Why is there a Representative Workforce Strategy at the University of Regina?

In 1989 the University of Regina signed on as an Employment Equity Employer with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission (SHRC). In addition to the SHRC the University is also approved under the Federal Contractors program. The Representative Workforce strategy at the University of Regina incorporates these initiatives and builds on them to help address barriers to full participation in the workplace by all demographic groups.

 What is “self-declaration”?

This is a voluntary process of identifying yourself to your employer, or potential employer, as a member of the following groups: Aboriginal people, member of the visible minority group, persons with a disability, and/or being female.

 Do I have to fill out the self-declaration part of the survey?

No. Questions 1-4 in the survey are voluntary and you are not required to complete them if you choose not to. The University of Regina monitors the demographics of the applicant pool and the effectiveness of its recruitment and retention strategies. We encourage all representative workforce members to self-declare in their cover letter, on their resume or via the self-declaration questions in this survey.

 Will this information be confidential?

This information is held in strict confidence and a limited number of personnel have access to this information.  Only specific Human Resources Department personnel and involved search committees have access to an employee’s self-declaration information. Employees, including supervisors, are not permitted to access another employee’s self-declaration information.

 How will this information be used?

There are three main purposes for collecting this data:

  • Statistical reporting
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of recruitment and retention strategies
  • Developing mechanisms to achieve a representative workforce

 Does this mean if I am not a representative workforce member, that I will not be considered for employment?

That is not correct. The main purpose of the self-declaration questions is for statistical reporting and evaluating recruitment and retention strategies. However, if a search committee has identified two equally qualified candidates, preference may be given to the representative workforce member who has self-identified. 

 Do representative workforce applicants have to meet job qualifications?

Yes, the University of Regina hires on merit.  All applicants must meet the requirements outlined in the position advertisement.

 Can I be a member of more than one representative workforce group?

Yes, including if you are of mixed ancestry. For example you may self-identify under two workforce groups if you belong to the Aboriginal demographic and visible minority group, although Aboriginal people are not a visible minority.

 When are women classified as a representative workforce group?

Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission policy states that all occupations with women in less than 47% of the positions are considered to be under-represented.