Working on Campus

This section of the Human Resources website is dedicated to providing students information about working on campus. If you have questions that are not covered in this section, please contact Human Resources.

What forms do I need to hand in to Human Resources in order to be paid? 

Do I have to be part of a union?

Most student positions on campus are unionized and are either covered under the CUPE 2419 or CUPE 5791 Collective Agreements. If the position you are working in has been identified as a union position, it is a condition of employment that you become a member of that union and payment of union dues in mandatory.

Can I work part-time or on a casual basis during school?

Yes. Typically students are needed most during the busy times of year (beginning of each semester) and the summer. The job posting will indicate the number of hours the position will be required to work.

When will I get paid?

The University of Regina pays on a bi-weekly basis. Please refer to the 2018 Payroll Calendar (45 KB) pdf for the pay days.