Equipment Room

Events and Support

The Classroom Technology & Event Support (CTES) Equipment Room provides permanent teaching technology and portable systems for classrooms.

We deliver portable teaching systems to most classrooms in the Riddell Center, College West, Lab Building, Classroom Building, Administrations-Humanities Building, Kinesiology Building, La Cité and Education Building.

Equipment Bookings and Policies

Reminders When Booking Equipment
  • Please provide your name, phone number, equipment type, day(s) needed, and the time that the class starts and ends.
  • We require 24 hours notice for all equipment bookings.
  • All equipment must be returned on the same-day otherwise charges will apply.
Booking and Borrowing

Our mandate is to support classes and certain University functions. We DO NOT provide equipment for unrelated functions or personal use. Contact CTES to ask if your equipment request falls within our mandate.

All equipment bookings are made using the Booking Form, or with CTES Staff by phone at 306-585-4476. If your call is not answered, please leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible. CTES requires 24 hours notice for all bookings.

Delivery Service

We deliver smart carts to classrooms and laboratories in all the connected buildings on the Main Campus.

Equipment for loan may be picked up from the Equipment Room (ED 166) during regular hours of operation. Loan periods are limited to ensure access for as many users as possible.

Single Event Booking Form

Recurring Event Booking Form

Smart Classroom Inventory

Please use the following information when booking conferences or events:

CTES has two Screening Rooms that may be booked for classes, meetings, conferences, film screenings, etc. Room A (ED 162) seats 10, and Room B (ED 158) seats 14. To reserve a Screening Room please contact CTES at: 306-585-4476.

Any event held in ED 106 (Education Auditorium) or CT 215, with the exception of University courses, must be booked along with an operator when the built-in room technology is to be used. A minimum 3-hour call-out fee will be charged for each operator.

*Other rooms on campus must be booked through Hospitality Services.

Equipment and Room Support

Equipment and Operators

External clients must make all arrangements for equipment and operators directly with Hospitality Services. Hospitality Services must be aware of your requirements and will bill for services rendered. *Internal clients must make all arrangements for equipment and operators directly with CTES at: 306-585-4476.

There will be a setup fee for all equipment that requires setup time. You are urged to make your equipment bookings as far in advance as possible. Smart Classrooms, being used for anything other than official University classes, courses or meetings, will require an operator. For example, club meetings, movie nights, etc., must be booked along with an operator.

*An Internal Client is anyone considered to be from the University Community that is conducting official University business, and includes all Staff, Student Groups, Faculty Members, etc.

Equipment Repairs

If a problem with any CTES equipment arises, please contact us at 306-585-4476 about the issue and we will arrange to have it repaired as quickly as possible.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

See our troubleshooting and FAQs for CTES equipment.

Equipment List

Some available items for classes and University events

Smart Carts Data Projectors Laptops
Audio Amplifiers Laser Pointers Overhead Projectors
Video Cameras Portable Screens (6' and 8') Flip Charts

Wired/Wireless Microphones

for PA System

Tripods CD Players

For further information please contact CTES at 306-585-4476