Cybersecurity Training Platform

About the Cybersecurity Awareness Training Platform 

The University of Regina has partnered with CIRA and Beauceron Security to offer the Cybersecurity Awareness Platform to our users.

The platform used at the University of Regina is used by 100,000’s of users and is widely adopted in higher educational institutions in Canada.  

Platform Highlights


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Personal Risk Score

Good security behaviour is reflected in the Personal Risk Score.

The Personal Risk Score allows team members to understand where they are on their cybersecurity journey. They can positively impact their Personal Risk Score by reporting phishes, completing courses and engaging with the platform.

Personal Dashboard

The Personal Dashboard features everything team members need to stay engaged and play an active role in protecting their organization from cyber threats with access to survey, courses, rewards and more all in one place.

Training on Common and Specific Threats

Many common threats and risks are covered in the training content with new content frequently added.  Users can consume training specific to their the risks they encounter, and common threats are shared with all users.

  • The platform is Canadian developed, and offers Canadian training content.
  • The platform is primarily designed to provide a series of cyber security awareness training courses to be offered University of Regina employees.  Through surveys, quiz results, and user interaction, the platform will help to gauge the attitudes and awareness of users.  
  • Risk scores allow the measurement of individual, departmental, and organisation risk with scores that go up and down based on training success.
  • Each user gets a dashboard which shows their training progress summarized as a personal cyber risk score.  Your personal cyber risk score represents your cybersecurity knowledge at the time of the initial survey. The cyber risk score can be used to identify future training opportunities and be improved each time you complete an online course or report a phishing email. The lower your cyber risk score is – the more desirable it is.   
  • Phishing simulations are offered by the platform and will be implemented in Phase II of this initiative.
  • The Cybersecurity Awareness Platform seeks to deliver on the information security stategy, goals, and objectives.