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Installing and Configuring Micro Focus Groupwise Clients

Computing Services Technote #547 v10

Title: Installing and Configuring Micro Focus Groupwise Clients
Applies to: Anyone installing the Micro Focus (Novell) Groupwise Client
Section: Network
Owner: Technical Analyst, Network & Communication Services
Last updated: 30 May 2022


This note describes the installation and configuration of the Micro Focus (Novell) Groupwise Client on supported operating systems for the purpose of connecting to the University of Regina campus email system.


This note is intended to provide a central source of technical information about installing and configuring client software to connect to the campus Micro Focus Groupwise servers.  This information is intended primarily for computing support staff but may be of use to end users who provide self support.  This document is not intended to provide training or advice on using the client software, only how to install and configure it to connect to university servers.  For training and manuals on using the Groupwise email system, please see the UofR Groupwise web site.  For general help in using the Groupwise email system please contact the Computing Services IT Support Centre.


  • Groupwise WebAccess Client
  • Groupwise Client for Windows
  • Groupwise Client for Windows (via ZENworks)
  • Groupwise Client for Windows (standalone installer)
  • Troubleshooting Problems with the Groupwise Client for Windows installer
  • Micro Focus Documentation for Clients
  • Using Evolution against Groupwise servers

Micro Focus Groupwise Webaccess

A web interface to the Micro Focus Groupwise system is available to all users.  The url to access the web interface is This web interface provides users with a method of accessing email and calendaring services from computer systems running the following web browsers:

  • Linux: Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows: MS Edge or Mozilla Firefox
  • Macintosh: The most recent version of Safari for your OS version; Mozilla Firefox
  • Unix: Mozilla Firefox

Additionally, most mobile device web browsers work including:

  • Windows Mobile
  • BlackBerry
  • Mobile devices running the Wireless Access Protocol (WAP) and a microbrowser running HDML 3.0 or later, or WML 1.1 or later.

If your device isn't automatically recognized as a mobile device you can manually select the "Use the basic interface" setting at login.

Users in Linux environments:

Please use Webaccess.

Users in Macintosh environments:

  • See here for information on using the native email/calendar.
  • To use the full Windows client on a Mac you would need to have the Parallels software installed.
  • Use Webaccess.

Groupwise Client for Windows

The Groupwise Client for Windows is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10. For Vista and newer 1GB RAM is required.  200 MB of free hard drive space is required to complete the installation.
Note that Windows 10 is the only Windows operating system currently supported by the UofR.
Users of Windows older than 10 should use the Groupwise Webaccess client.

Groupwise Client for Windows (via ZENworks)

Users of Windows 10 systems managed via Micro Focus ZENworks will have Groupwise installed automatically.

Groupwise Client for Windows (standalone installer)

Users of MS Windows baseds systems not managed via Micro Focus ZENworks can download an installation package for Groupwise from the Computing Services downloads page.  Be advised that this download only contains the Windows client. This type of install is only recommended for systems with high speed internet access.  Users with only dial up access can use the Webaccess client or bring their computer to the Computing Services IT Support Centre to have the software installed.

Troubleshooting Problems with the Groupwise Client for Windows installer

Note:  This is a very abbreviated list of problems and potential solutions.

  • In cases where support staff may be uninstalling and reinstalling the Groupwise client to resolve install issues, it is absolutely required that the system be rebooted after the uninstall to finish removing in-use DLL files before the reinstall is attempted.
  • Installation of the client may fail if another mail program has installed a newer (customized) version of the mapi32.dll file.  If another email program is configured to use MAPI (Eudora for example), try configuring the mail program not to set itself as the default mailer on the system and also check to see if there is an option to disable the program's use of MAPI.
  • If Groupwise was working and then stops working after the user attempts to use another mail program, try running the fixmapi.exe program (typically located in the c:\windows\system32 directory)

Micro Focus Documentation for Clients

Micro Focus maintains release documentation for the Groupwise 2018 product at .  While the majority of this documentation does not apply to end users, they do maintain a small number of end user manuals.

Of particular interest, the FAQ contains a brief comparison of the features of the different clients.

Using Evolution against Groupwise Servers

It has been reported that Evolution on the Linux platform can be made to successfully work against the campus Groupwise servers by selecting the GroupWise (rather than imap) Server Type, the server name of, and configuring the SOAP port to 7191.  Computing Services supports neither this application nor this specific configuration and has done no testing to verify compatibility or proper functionality.  Users wishing to use Evolution against the campus Groupwise servers do so at their own risk.


Installation of Micro Focus Groupwise Client for Windows has been discussed..

Revision History

v0, 2006-07-21, Initial version
v1, 2006-11-xx, added a number of known issues
v2, 2006-12-13, added Eudora information
v3, 2006-12-21, added Evolution information
v4, 2010-11-03, updated for Groupwise 8
v5, 2013-02-21, updated for Groupwise 2012 SP1 - Windows only.
v6, 2013-05-01, updated incomplete links.
v7, 2013-05-08, newer version of the Linux client.
v8, 2018-02-14, updated for Groupwise 2014 R2 SP2 - Windows only. removed Eudora reference.
v9, 2021-01-14, updated for Groupwise 18
      removed references to wms.exe and isscript1050.msi from Troubleshooting as they are no longer required.
v10, 2022-05-30, remove reference to IE as it will stop functioning 16 June 2022.