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Using Thunderbird to transfer Emails between servers

Computing Services Technote #576 v1.0

Title: Using thunderbird to transfer emails from Groupwise to other email server.  
Applies to: UofR Employees and staff
Section: Network
Owner: Team Lead, File & Print, Network & Communication Services
Last updated: July 8, 2016

This note describes a procedure to transfer emails from Groupwise account to other email servers using Thunderbird.


The procedure comprises the following steps:
  1. Download and install the lastest version of Mozilla Thunderbird from
  2. After installation, lunch the program. In "System Integration" screen, select "Skip Integration".
  3. In "Welcome to Thunderbird" screen, select "Skip this and use my exiting email".
  4. In Mail Account Setup, provide your <username> email address and the password, and click continue. Then, click "Manual Config" and specify "" as Server hostname for Incoming IMAP. Leave other configurations with the default, and click Done. Check "I understand the risks" box and click Done. This will add the uregina email to Thunderbird Mail.
  5. To add another email address, where you will transfer the groupwise email to, in the left menu, right click on the "Local Folders" and select "Settings". Click on "Account Actions", then on "Add Mail Account". Provide the other email address and password, click continue, then click done to accept the default.
  6. Now you can see both email accounts in the left menu. The easiest way to transfer email (or folder) would be to drag and drop it from  Groupwise account to the other account.


To read further details on the Mozilla Thunderbird see

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