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'Version Check' message resolution

Computing Services Technote #620 v0

Title: How to resolve Version Check messages on managed computer systems
Applies to: UofR Employees
Section: Network
Owner: Network & Communication Services
Last updated: March 11, 2021


When logging into a University of Regina managed computer system, you may have receive a 'Version Check' message to advise of software that is not up-to-date.

The following instructions will explain what to do for each software product that may have been noted.

Please refer to the appropriate section, for software that was mentioned in your Version Check message.

Adobe Reader DC Continuous

Adobe Reader is set to update automatically by default. If your computer has been off for a while, the auto-update should occur within a day or two on it's own. 

To manually update Adobe Reader if you have admin credentials such as a softinstall account:

  1. Open Adobe Reader (Locate and double-click the Adobe Reader icon on the desktop)
  2. Click 'Help' in the top menu
  3. Click 'Check for Updates...'
  4. If an update is available click 'Download and Install'
  5. When prompted for admin credentials, choose 'softinstall' and enter the password
  6. You may be prompted to close Adobe Reader, if so: close it then click 'Retry'
  7. When complete, it will say 'Update successful'
  8. Click 'Close'

If the same version check message appears the next time you reboot the computer, and you do not have admin credentials, or if an update is not available, please contact the IT Support Centre.

Microsoft Office 2013

Updates to Microsoft Office are part of the regular Windows Update process. You will need to run Windows updates to ensure Microsoft Office is up to date and secure.

To run Windows updates:

  1. Click Windows start icon at bottom left corner
  2. Type 'updates' to search for the Windows updates application
  3. Click 'Check for updates'
  4. The Windows Update page will open and display currently available updates
  5. Click 'Install now'
  6. Pending updates will show 'Installing' with the current % complete as they are installed
  7. Continue using your system as usual, while the updates run in the background
  8. You may need to reboot to complete some of the updates. In the Windows Update window, you will have the option to 'Restart Now' or 'Schedule the restart'

If none of the available updates are for Microsoft Office, please contact the IT Support Centre.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox should update automatically when required. If your computer has been off for a while, the Firefox auto-update should happen shortly on it's own.

To manually update Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Click 'Help' in the top menu
  3. If there isn't a menu line at the top click the Alt key, then click 'Help'
  4. Click 'About Firefox'
  5. It will download the latest update automatically
  6. Click 'Restart to update Firefox'
  7. If it says 'Firefox is up to date', then no further action is required.


Sophos antivirus software should update automatically. If you are being notified that Sophos is not current then you likely need to reboot your computer in order for the latest update to run.

To confirm if a reboot is required:

  1. Open the system tray (click the up-arrow at lower right corner next to the clock)
  2. Double-click the Sophos icon (small blue and white 's')
  3. The 'Status' area will indicate a reboot is required
  4. Click 'x' at top right to close the Sophos window
  5. Reboot the computer if indicated
If you receive the same message after rebooting, you can wait a day or two to allow the auto updates to take place. If you receive the version check message again, please contact the IT Support Centre.


Zenworks should update automatically. If Zenworks is not current, it may need to be reinstalled. 

In some cases, the auto-updates mentioned above do not occur because Zenworks is not running.

Please contact the IT Support Centre to have them update Zenworks and ensure updates will occur.

Revision History

v0, 2021-03-11, Initial version