2021-22 Budget

Detailed work on the 2021-22 budget began in Summer 2020, and continued through to Spring 2021.

All materials (documents, PowerPoints, videos) related to the 2020-21 budget remain available for consultation via the 2020-21 Budget link at the left. Earlier documentation can be found in the Historical Budgets.

August 24 2020 Submission of 2021-22 Operations Forecast to Ministry of Advanced Education

December 12 2020 issuance of the Budget One-Time Contribution - Gap Filling Plan which describes principles and timelines used to develop the University's plan to fill the budget gap created by COVID-19, and the one-time 2020-21 fiscal year contribution amounts, to fill the gap, that will be made by each budget unit.

April 06 2021 Provincial Budget Day, including release of the 2021-2022 Ministry of Advanced Education budget letter, as well as the Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Multi-Year Funding MOU 2021-22 to 2024-25 File (212 KB)

May 04 2021 Board approval of the 2021-22 Comprehensive Budget Plan

May 10 2021 Release of the 2021-22 University Budget Letter

June 03 2021 Release of the 2021-22 Budget Book

July 27 2021 Board Approval of the 2022-2023 Operations Forecast