2021-22 Budget

Detailed work on the 2021-22 budget began in Summer 2020, and continued through to Spring 2021. Please bookmark this page for regular updates and posted documents, as well as video and slides from budget presentations as they occur.

All materials (documents, PowerPoints, videos) related to the 2020-21 budget remain available for consultation via the 2020-21 Budget link at the left. Earlier documentation can be found in the Historical Budgets.


August 24 2020 Submission of 2021-22 Operations Forecast to Ministry of Advanced Education

December 12 2020 issuance of the Budget One-Time Contribution - Gap Filling Plan which describes principles and timelines used to develop the University's plan to fill the budget gap created by COVID-19, and the one-time 2020-21 fiscal year contribution amounts, to fill the gap, that will be made by each budget unit.

April 06 2021 Provincial Budget Day, including release of the 2021-2022 Ministry of Advanced Education budget letter, as well as the Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Multi-Year Funding MOU 2021-22 to 2024-25 File (212 KB)

May 04 2021 Board approval of the 2021-22 Comprehensive Budget Plan

May 10 2021 Release of the 2021-22 University Budget Letter

June 03 2021 Release of the 2021-22 Budget Book

July 27 2021 Board Approval of the 2022-2023 Operations Forecast