2022-23 Budget

Detailed work on the 2022-23 budget began in Summer 2021, and continued through to Spring 2022.

August 2021 Submission of 2022-23 Operations Forecast(447 KB) to Ministry of Advanced Education
November 04 2021 Town Hall File including operational and budget commentaries.

November 23 2021 Senior Leadership Team Budget Discussion(213 KB)File

January 21 2022 Senior Leadership Team Budget Discussion(680 KB)File

January 31 2022 Town Hall File including budget challenges faced by the University

February 18 2022 Senior Leadership Team Budget Update: One-time Contributions(585KB)File

February 28 2022 Budget Challenge(578 KB)File and Base Budget Reductions Schedule(103 KB)File

March 10 2022 Town Hall File giving an opportunity for President Keshen and other members of University leadership to provide operational updates – including on budget – and entertain questions.

March 23 2022 Provincial Budget Day. Provincial Budget letter(412KB)File. Budget letters to all SK post-secondary institutions are available here. Also provided is the Saskatchewan Post-Secondary Multi-Year Funding MOU 2021-22 to 2024-25 File (212 KB).

April 29 2022 Board approval of the 2022-23 Comprehensive Budget Plan

May 05 2022 Release of the 2022-23 University Budget Letter

June 02 2022 Release of the 2022-23 Budget Book