Performance Measurement Framework (PMF)

The University of Regina’s Performance Measurement Framework (PMF), a variation on the balanced scorecard methodology, is the instrument by which the University and its Board of Governors measures and reports its progress in achieving the goals of its strategic plan. The PMF Scorecard is regularly updated over the course of each fiscal year.

The current PMF Scorecard reports progress towards the 2020-2025 strategic plan All Our Relations: kahkiyaw kiwâhkômâkaninawak. This plan commits to a 5 by 25 Framework & Implementation, with 5 Areas of Focus – each with specific goals for accomplishment by the conclusion of this Strategic Plan in 2025.

In their September 2020 meeting, the Board of Governors approved the Performance Measurement Framework Indices document as the basis for the new PMF Scorecard for the 2020 to 2025 strategic plan. The Indices document outlines sixteen specific measures, and associated fiscal targets, to be tracked in the new PMF Scorecard. Five of these measures are carry-overs from the previous 2015-20 PMF. Eleven are new. The Indices document provides a description of each measure.

The PMF Scorecard is presented to the December, March and July meetings of the Board of Governors. Each report adds measures as the requisite data (for the reporting fiscal year) become available. The July version presents a complete PMF Scorecard for the preceding fiscal year, and proposes targets for the upcoming fiscal year.

PMF Scorecard reports will be posted to this webpage shortly after they are presented to the University of Regina Board of Governors.

2022-23 Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) Scorecard Reports

December 2022 in-progress PMF Scorecard (2.27 MB)File


2021-22 Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) Scorecard Reports

July 2022 PMF Scorecard: 2021-22 Fiscal FINAL (2.03 MB)File

December 2021 in-progress PMF Scorecard (1 MB)File

2020-21 Performance Measurement Framework (PMF) Scorecard Reports

July 2021 PMF Scorecard (6.7 MB)File

December 2020 PMF Scorecard (957 KB)pdf