ORP Strategic Planning

As the Office of Resource Planning endeavours to update its current strategic plan in alignment with the University's 2015 Strategic Plan, peyak aski kikawinaw, Together We Are Stronger, the unit continues to contribute to the achievements of the University on a whole by:

  • meeting the university’s statistical and institutional research needs;
  • providing leadership in data quality and reporting initiatives to support these needs;
  • providing leadership in resources planning and budgeting;
  • contributing expertise and support to planning activities (particularly the university’s strategic planning) and the implementation of plans;
  • acting as a decision and planning support resource to the executive, faculties, departments and administrative offices; and,
  • empowering – through analytic tools, data, and advice – individuals and units throughout the university in putting forward evidence-based cases that promote the pursuit of the overall mission.

Our current plan will be published soon, and our former plan can be viewed here: ORP 2010 Strategic Plan (646 KB) PDF