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2017-18 Budget Update

[Last update June 07/17]

Detailed work on the 2017-18 budget began in spring of 2016, and will continue through to Spring 2017. Please bookmark this page for regular updates and posted documents, as well as video and slides from budget presentations as they occur.

All materials (documents, PowerPoints, videos) related to the 2016-17 budget remain available for consultation via the 2016-17 Budget Update link at the left. Earlier documentation can be found in the Historical Budgets link, or by emailing

Definitive meeting dates and/or deadlines will be updated regularly once arranged.

July 07, 2016
- Submission of the 2017-18 Operations Forecast to Ministry of Advanced Education

September 19-20, 2016
- Report to Board of Governors on progress of 2016-17 Operation Budget
- 2016-17 Budget Update for Faculty Administrators, together with discussion of the 2017-18 Operations Forecast

October 2016
- 2017-18 Operations Forecast presentation to Treasury Board
- October 31, 2016 Annual filing of financial reports to Canada Revenue Agency and US Internal Revenue Service as well as financial report for CAUBO to be used by Statistics Canada for public disclosure

November 22, 2016
- Directions for 2017-18 unit budget submissions distributed to Deans, AVPs, and Directors

December 12-13, 2016
- Report to Board of Governors on Operating and Capital budgets to date

January 2017
- January 11 Budget Forum Slide Presentation (782 KB) PDF icon and link to video
- January 16 Deadline for unit budget submissions

February 2017
- February 27 Budget Forum Slide Presentation (1.1 MB) PDF icon and link to video
- Unit budget presentations to UET and Council Committee on Budget
- Council Committee on Budget discusses unit budget submissions; makes recommendations to UET on 2017-18 Budget and 2018-19 Operations Forecast

March 2017
- March 06-07 Report to Board of Governors on Operating and Capital Budgets to date
- March 22 Provincial Budget Day; University of Regina's Provincial Grant Letter from Minister (1.8 MB) PDF icon
- March 31 Budget Forum Slide Presentation (1.4 MB) PDF icon and link to video
- 2017 Budget Graphs (557 KB) PDF icon

May 2017
- May 01-02 Board of Governors approves 2017-18 budgets; has initial discussion of 2018-19 Operations Forecast
- May 02 2018-19 Operations Forecast approved by the Board
- May 04 The 2017-18 Comprehensive Budget Plan and supporting Tuition & Fees Decision Item is made public
- May 08 distribution of 2017-18 Budget Letter
- May 09 Budget Forum Slide Presentation (1.5 MB) PowerPoint and link to video
- May 23 the 2017-18 Budget Book is made public

June 2017
- June 07 University of Regina Senate Meeting
- June 07 Budget Slide Presentation for Senate (1.5 MB) PowerPoint