2019-20 Budget Update

NB: most recent items located at the last edited date on this page. Last Update May 23, 2019

Detailed work on the 2019-20 budget began in spring of 2018, and will continue through to Spring 2019. Please bookmark this page for regular updates and posted documents, as well as video and slides from budget presentations as they occur.

All materials (documents, PowerPoints, videos) related to the 2018-19 budget remain available for consultation via the 2018-19 Budget Update link at the left. Earlier documentation can be found in the Historical Budgets link, or by emailing: Budget@uregina.ca

Definitive meeting dates and/or deadlines will be updated regularly once arranged.

May 2018 - Submission of 2018-19 Operations Forecast to Ministry of Advanced Education

September 2018
- Report to Board of Governors on progress of 2018-19 Operation Budget
- 2018-19 Budget Update for Faculty Administrators, together with discussion of the 2019-20 Operations Forecast

November 2018
- Directions for submission of the 2019-20 unit Budgets distributed to Deans and Directors

January 2019
- U of R's departments/units/schools budget submissions due January 15th
- January 25th Deans' Council budget discussion
- January 28th Council Committee on Budget
- January 29th Budget Forum Slide Presentation (1.7 MB) File  & video link https://youtu.be/hc5ynEMVU3I File
- January 31st Budget Presentations

February 2019
- February 6-15th Budget advisors' meetings

March 2019
- March 11-12th Board of Governors: report on Operating and Capital Budgets to date
- March 15th ORP releases budget graphs (584 KB) File
- March 20 Provincial Budget Day; Provincial Grant Letter from Minister (205 KB) File
- March 25th Council Committee on Budget

April 2019
- ORP, FS, budget advisors continuing budget development
- April 2nd Budget Forum Slide Presentation (6.5 MB) File & video https://youtu.be/dMMbYOCBEow 

May 2019
- May 6-7 Board of Governors: review and discussion 2019-20 Budget
- May 07 Release of the and the 2019-20 Comprehensive Budget Plan (438 KB) File, the Tuition & Fees document (1.5 MB) File, and the 2019-20 Budget Letter (459 KB) File
- May 13th Budget Forum Slide Presentation (1.7 MB) & video link https://www.youtube.com /watch?v=bVZGKndQX4g File
- May 23 Publication of the 2019-20 Budget Book