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Operations Forecast (Budget Request)

The formal process for each annual Budget at the University of Regina begins in May with a Budget Request and Operations Forecast which is submitted to the Saskatchewan Ministry of Advanced Education. The Forecast is a statement of the University's forecasted budgetary requirements for the upcoming fiscal year. It provides context for the University's expenditure estimates, and describes the University's funding needs and opportunities for development.

Starting with the 2020-21 Forecast (submitted May 2019), the Ministry requested that the Forecast be referenced as the 'Budget Request'. Since the 2018-19 Forecast (submitted in May 2017), Forecasts have been submitted in May of each year. The 2014-15 through 2017-18 Forecasts were submitted in July of each year. The 2013-14 and previous years' Forecasts were submitted in November of each year.


Budget Request & Operations Forecast Reports

2021-2022 (119 KB)PDF icon Operations Forecast

2020-2021 (428 KB)PDF and accompanying guidelines provided by the Ministry of Advanced Education (143 KB)PDF

2019-2020 (1.5 MB)PDF (document includes accompanying supplements submitted July 2018:  Funding for a University of Regina International Office in Mexico, and a Centre for Mexican, Central and South American Studies; Funding for an Energy Systems and Security Hub; and Funding for a Child Trauma Research Centre)

2018-2019 (189 KB)PDF icon and accompanying
     Supplement: Funding for Community-Based Transitions Program Pilot (Nov.24/17) (351 KB)PDF

2017-2018 (443 KB)PDF icon

2016-2017 (359 KB)PDF icon  and accompanying Presentation to SK Treasury Board (Oct.15/15) (1.44 MB)PDF

2015-2016 (235 KB)PDF icon

2014-2015 (422 KB)PDF icon and accompanying U of R Operations Forecast Presentation (7 MB)PowerPoint

2013-2014 (127 KB)PDF icon

2012-2013 (187 KB)PDF icon