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Field based experiences

Global Internships

“Global Internships give you the professional and personal skills for success in your future endeavors, anywhere in the world! UR International can help you go global with your professional development during your program of study.”

Co-operative Education and Internships

“Co-operative Education and Internship Programs are a plan of higher education that incorporates productive work experience as a regular and integral part of a student's learning process.”

Study Abroad

UR International's Study Abroad Programs open gateways to the world

UR Guarantee

“The UR Guarantee Program will support you through every step of your university experience to successful employment.”


“The Ambassador Program is looking for energetic, enthusiastic, and committed students who want to volunteer on campus and build their own skill set.”

Mitacs Programs

“The University of Regina is proud to be in partnership with Mitacs to offer graduate students with academic and professional opportunities.”


“Professional social work education involves the acquisition of knowledge and skills through academic study and through supervised practice, which is called practicum.”

Practicum / Internship Options

“Practica are designed to provide the student with a practical experience in the field as opposed to a theoretical or research-based study. Students complete a summary report analyzing the practicum experience.”

Capstone project (Engineering)

Service Learning

Student Teaching