Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC)

The Canadian University Survey Consortium  (CUSC) surveys focus on the Canadian university student experience, providing answers to concrete questions such as the use of and satisfaction with services. Comparison and benchmarking opportunities can be done through the data collected. CUSC surveys operate on a three-year cycle, alternating between:

First Year Students Winter 2022

In Winter 2022 the University of Regina surveyed new, first-year students. The suite of surveys builds on the strengths of the past surveys and continues to run on a three-year rotation. Comparison and benchmarking opportunities remain possible through the data collected. The Executive Summary has been completed and reports will be distributed throughout Fall 2022.

Middle Years Student Survey Winter 2023

Students who have earned between 25 and 101 credits are considered Middle Year students. This cohort will be surveyed this Winter. Reports from previous years can be found by clicking on the links within this page.

Graduating Students Winter 2021

During the Winter 2021 semester, Students who applied to Graduate from the University in 2021 were surveyed. Camparison and benchmarking reports are available on this site.