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Go Far, Together: The Podcast

“Go Far, Together: The Podcast”  is a new podcast from the University of Regina that introduces you to some of our University’s brightest thinkers. From outer space to Reconciliation, from first-responders’ mental health to the connection between cannabis and the NFL, we'll explore how these researchers are changing the world and how we understand it, right here on the Prairies. Join us as we Go Far, Together.

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Episode 1: Cannabis and Concussions in the NFL

Exploring the Future of Cannabinoid Treatment with Dr. Patrick Neary

We explore how Dr. Patrick Neary and his team at the University of Regina are exploring the potential of cannabinoids as a promising new treatment for head trauma after receiving a $600,000 grant from the NFL.

Episode 2: Decolonizing the Academy

Scholar and Activist Lori Campbell on Healing the Wounds of Colonization and Transforming Indigenous Engagement at the University

We’ll hear how Indigenous researcher and activist Lori Campbell is leading efforts to transform our university's engagement with Indigenous communities at all levels. We'll also hear Lori's deeply moving account of her search for her biological family, which was separated due to the devastating impact of the Indian Residential School system and the Sixties Scoop.

Episode 3: Breaking the Silence on PTSD

Supporting the Mental Health of First Responders with Dr. Nick Carleton

We delve into the innovative ways that Dr. Nick Carleton is helping first responders overcome mental health issues such as  PTSD.

Episode 4: Exploring the Mysteries of Outer Space

With Dr. Samantha Lawler

We’ll travel to the stars with Dr. Samantha Lawler, a leading astronomer at the University of Regina, and hear how she is protecting the night sky from satellite light pollution.