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About University of Regina Policy

The University is committed to having policies and procedures that help the University community make decisions and get work done. The policies published on this site are organized into four areas:

  • Employment – these policy documents establish rules, expectations, and conditions for employment. They guide employee recruitment, compensation, benefits, evaluation, discipline and termination.
  • Governance – these policy documents set high-level direction for the University, identify how assets are to be managed, and define authorities and their delegation. They set the standards for University decisions and conduct, shape culture, and address business continuity. They cross audience-specific boundaries.
  • Operations – these policy documents are all about getting work done. They deal with the University's day-to-day activities and practices. They focus on increasing productivity, quality and efficiency.
  • Research – these policy documents are all about research. They deal with the University's requirements for completing research projects.

These policies apply to all University faculties, departments, centres and units. They align with the University's strategic plan and regulatory environment and protect the University community.

The definitive copy of each policy is stored in a central location maintained by the University Secretariat. In the event of a discrepancy between a policy published on this site and the definitive copy, the definitive copy will apply.

Policy Governance Contact

University Secretariat

Phone: 306-337-2951

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