Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Glossary Term: Strategic Initiatives (relating to Information Technology Initiatives)


Any initiative that requires use of the available Information Technology Resources of the University and also has at least one of the following attributes: 1. The initiative has significant implication for or impact on the achievement of one or more of the strategic goals of the university. 2. The initiative has significant implications for or impact on the continued use of the university's existing technological architecture or infrastructure. 3. The initiative has potentially significant privacy, confidentiality, and or security implications for the University. 4. The initiative has implications impacting multiple Units (Faculties and or Administrative Departments) within the university. 5. The initiative requires substantial University resources, inlcuding financial resources in excess of $100,000. 6. The initiative involves any system deemed to be an Enterprise application and centrally funded, 7. As determined by any one of the following groups, the Senior Leadership Team, University Budget Committee, Information Services, GASP or ITAG the initiative requires, for any year or series of years, the allocation of a significant portion of the available technology resources of the University.
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