Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Glossary Term: Threat (relating to Violence Prevention)


any communication of intent to injure that gives an employee or student reasonable cause to believe there is a risk of injury. A threat against an employee’s or student’s family arising from the employee’s employment or student’s association with the University is considered a threat against the employee or student. Examples of threats include

-          threats (direct or indirect) delivered in person or through letters, email, phone calls, social media, etc.

-          intimidating or frightening gestures such as shaking fists at another person, pounding a desk or counter, punching a wall, angrily jumping up and down, or screaming

-          throwing or striking objects

-          stalking

-          wielding a weapon, or carrying a concealed weapon for the purpose of threatening or injuring a person

-          not controlling a dog menacing (for example, growling at) an employee or student

-          potential or actual terrorist activity

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