Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Glossary Term: Undue Hardship (relating to Workplace Accommodation for Employees with Medical Disabilities)


must be decided in the circumstances of each case with the following factors considered: Financial cost: what are the costs (estimate the initial expense to put the accommodation in place together with any long-term costs to sustain the proposed accommodation), and would such costs be prohibitive or would it be unreasonable to expect the University to bear the costs of the accommodation; Size and nature of the operation: how disruptive would the proposed accommodation be to the Employee's department or faculty, considering the number of employees and the nature and inter-relationship of the employees' positions and the functions that they serve; Where the accommodation would be unduly disruptive to a collective agreement or would significantly interfere with the rights of other employees under the collective agreement; Health and safety: where the proposed accommodation would pose a health or safety risk to others or to the Employee; Employee morale: whether or not the accommodation would have a detrimental effect on other employees; When the accommodation would result in lowering performance standards or substantive job requirements being unmet; Alternatives: a where a requested accommodation appears to create an undue hardship based on the above factors, whether or not an alternative accommodation may be available.
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