Enterprise Risk Management


The Office of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) provides strategic guidance and advice to all University leadership and members of the University community on issues of mitigating risk and embracing opportunity.  The ERM office works closely with academic and administrative units to conduct a thorough risk assessment and to develop appropriate and relevant risk mitigation measures.

Mission Statement

The University of Regina is committed to creating and protecting value by explicitly addressing uncertainty in pursuit of its strategic objectives. The ERM process is a systematic approach to identifying, monitoring and managing risks and opportunities in order to promote strategic and risk-aware decision making throughout the organization.


  1. Proactive risk and opportunity management - by fostering a culture of risk management among all members of the University community, the University can create an environment where risks and opportunities are identified and managed in a timely and effective manner.
  2. Risk-informed decision making - by emphasizing the importance of risk management and open communication, the University can ensure that all decision makers consider the risks and opportunities inherent in each choice that they make.
  3. Supporting organization-wide risk management - by assessing risks and opportunities at the business level with both a top-down and bottom-up approach, the University can come to understand how risks from different areas of the University interrelate, and recognize any potential need for management intervention.
  4. Consistent risk management - by understanding how risks are managed across the University, ERM can ensure a consistent approach to risk management that is within the University's accepted levels of risk.

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Regan Seidler, BAJC, MAdmin
Coordinator, Policy and Enterprise Risk Management