Disciplinary Appeals

Council Discipline Committee (CDC)

The Council Discipline Committee ensures that the University enacts its student disciplinary bylaws in accordance with the principles of natural justice. It is also the body responsible for hearing all student appeals with respect to decisions of academic and non-academic misconduct.

Provost and Vice-President (Academic) as Chair
3 members of Council (3 alternates)
3 students (3 alternates) including at least one member and one alternate from GSA
University Secretary (non-voting)

Grounds for appeal to the CDC are based on one or more of the following:

     a) There is additional relevant information which was not considered by the Investigating Dean.
     b) There was a problem in procedure during the investigation
     c) The substance of the case was not considered correctly by the Investigating Dean. For example, relevant rules and regulations were applied incorrectly.
     d) Even if relevant rules and regulations were applied correctly, the resulting decision is unfair or unreasonable in the circumstances.

The Committee provides a full hearing. If misconduct is substantiated, the Committee has authority to assign a penalty that is the same as, less or more severe than, the original penalty.

A process map (87.40 KB) PDF Icon has been developed to show the steps of the appeal process, from the investigation to the final decision.

Requests for a hearing before the Council Discipline Committee must be submitted, in writing and within 30 days of the date of imposition of the penalty, to:

The University Secretary
University of Regina
Administration/Humanities Building, Room 509
Regina SK S4S 0A2
Tel: 306-585-4956; Fax: 306-585-5255
E-mail:  Glenys.Sylvestre@uregina.ca

Supporting Documents

Terms of Reference and Procedures

Regulations Governing Discipline for Academic and Non-Academic Misconduct

Student Submission Template for the Council Discipline Committee

Annual Report to Executive of Council (2014-2015)

Annual Report to Executive of Council (2015-2016)

Annual Report to Executive of Council (2016-2017) 

Annual Report to Executive of Council (2017-2018)

Annual Report to Executive of Council (2018-2019)