Academic Holds

A student who has committed or is under investigation for an act of Academic Misconduct will have a hold placed on his/her student account. The hold remains on the student's account for 30 days following the decision letter by the Faculty. If the student does not submit a formal request to appeal the decision of the Faculty within the 30 days, the hold is automatically lifted from his/her account after 30 days. If the student wishes to appeal the decision, the hold remains on his/her account until a decision is reached following his/her appeal hearing.

During the hold period, a student is not able to register for classes on his/her own, verify grades or obtain transcripts. Should a student need to perform any of these actions, a student can perform these actions with the help of his/her Faculty advisor.

Removing an Academic Hold

If a student does not wish to appeal the penalty that has been assigned, and would like the hold removed from the student account prior to the end of the 30 day period, students can submit a Request to Remove the Hold on Student Account form to the University Secretariat.

The University Secretary
University of Regina
Administration/Humanities Building, Room 509
Regina SK S4S 0A2
Tel: 306-585-4956; fax: 306-585-5255