Reporting Academic Misconduct

Anyone may report academic misconduct. If you believe a student has engaged in academic misconduct, it's best to report this to your instructor for further investigation. However, there might be reasons that you prefer to instead report potential academic misconduct through this website.

When reporting academic misconduct, please be sure to include enough details to begin an investigation. For example, these details might include:

  • The name of the class or classes where the misconduct occurred
  • Name of the student(s) who you believe have engaged in misconduct
  • The estimated date(s) of the alleged academic misconduct
  • Details of academic misconduct (i.e. cheating on a final exam, purchase of an essay paper, unauthorized sharing of materials, etc.)

Below is a fillable web form. Fields marked with an asterisk are required to be completed. If you wish to remain anonymous, please do not enter your name and personal contact information. However, please be aware that the ability to pursue an investigation will be impacted by the amount of information provided through this reporting form.

Items indicated with an (*) are required.

Results of any academic misconduct investigations will not be made public.